SKG 502  Quantative Research Methods

SKG 501  The Health of the Healthcare Workers and Patient Safety

Institutional culture, patient safety and quality care, building a safe culture, communication and team work, high-risk and priority areas in patient safety, medical error declaration systems, learning from errors and reports, root cause analysis and methods used, safety in hospital environment, drug errors and drug safety, prevention strategies for patient falls and wounds, prevention strategies for pressure ulcer and infections, tools for improving quality and patient safety, workplace conditions and healthcare workers safety, ethical and legal aspects of healthcare worker and patient safety

SKG 504  Quality Management System

SKG 597  Term Project

SKG 505  Quality Improvement Techniques

SKG 503  Qualitative Research Methods

Elective Courses

SABE 551  Foundations of Research and Ethics in Health Sciences

SABE 552  Preparing A Scientific Research Project

SKG 551  Business Excellence and Continued Quality Improvement

SKG 552  Risk Management in Health Care Organizations

SKG 553  Accreditation and Advanced Quality Development Techniques in Health Care Institutions

SKG 554  Strategic Human Resources Management in Health Care Organizations

SKG 555  Legislation in Patient Rights

SKG 556  Quality Management in Health Care Organizations

SKG 557  Quality Improvement in Praimary Health Services

SKG 558  Project Management in Health Care Institutions

SKG 559  Standardization and Quality Management in Medical Laboratories

SKG 560  Accreditation in Medical Laboratories

SKY 505  Healthcare Law and Ethics

The course will be covered in two halves. In the first half, it will cover the content of law in healthcare management and in the second half it will cover the details about ethics in healthcare management.

SKY 506  Decision Making Methods in Healthcare

The course includes the courses like production systems for hospitals, functions of production, planning, stock control, product and service planning, decision making techniques and capacity planning.

SKY 551  Research Methods in Healthcare

The course content is designed in twofold. In the first part the theoretical background of statistical analysis will be discussed. In the second part of the semester, demographic distribution, public health and the analysis and grouping of thee data in the healthcare sector will be discussed with examples.

SKY 553  Information Management in Healthcare

The course will cover subjects such as information systems in organizations, hospital information systems, application of automation systems in Turkey and other related subjects.

SKY 554  Health and Society: Epidemiology

Trough out the semester the course will cover subjects such as, the definition of health, the relation between health and society, the determinants health in society, the national and international arrangement made to protect and develop health in society.

SKY 555  Healthcare Tourism

Covers health tourism, medical tourism, thermal tourism, Spa and Wellness applications and elderly age and disability tourism. Health tourism course handles subjects about applications of tourism businesses that operate on this field for protecting health or travels for treatment

SKY 556  Organizational Behavior in Healtcare

The objective of this course to identify concepts of organizational behavior in hospital structure and to support with appropriate case studies.