Graduate School of Health Sciences

Izmir University of Economics Graduate School of Health Sciences (GSHS)

Health is a key concern of the global agenda and of our country.  When taking the advancement of technology and the ever-increasing importance of health, scientific research crossing borders, high level of competence expected of health professionals globally, and impact of innovations in health on economy into consideration, the undergraduate and graduate level of education in Health Sciences need to be of utmost quality and novel. 

The primary mission of Izmir University of Economics Graduate School of Health Sciences is to offer advanced level of theoretical and practical graduate education in order to train successful scientists in the field of medical and health sciences and to offer them with an opportunity to do research on an international scale. Development and improvement of collaboration among graduate schools, universities, sectors, and nations through graduate level of education and research is what we aim for.

Establishment of the Graduate School:

Graduate School of Health Sciences was established based on the decision of Republic of Turkey; Council of Ministers dated 14 November 2016 and numbered 2016/9528, and was published on the Official Gazette dated 7 December.

Primary objective of the Graduate School: The school aims to train nationally and internationally efficient academic staff who welcomes scientific innovations; high level researchers who will use their scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society; innovative scientists who internalized the concept of innovation and multi-sectorial point of view; and science specialists who will shape the social health.

The Graduate School aims to equip its alumni with the following attributes:

  • Scientific research skills
  • High level of Professional competence
  • Multidisciplinary perspective
  • Innovative approach
  • Respectful to scientific and medical ethics
  • Good command of communication skills
  • Socially sensitive
  • Adapting to new techniques and technologies easily

Graduate School of Health Sciences offers education on week nights and weekends for adult professionals who try to keep pace with busy work schedule.

Student and academician exchanges with foreign and national universities are available.

The instruction plans within the Graduate School of Health Sciences are being developed in accordance with the criteria of Council of Higher Education of Turkey and Bologna, and criteria/recommendations of European Universities Association - Council for Doctoral Education, Salzburg Principles (I, II, and III), ORPHEUS (the Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System).

Academic staff conducting the programs of the Graduate School of Health Sciences is internationally qualified lecturers who display top level scientific knowledge and skills in subjects of both faculty of medicine and faculty of health sciences as well as in subjects of other respective faculties and graduate schools.   

Students are also provided top quality education by inviting scientists-science specialists on specific subjects.

Administrative, physical, and technological infrastructures of Izmir University of Economics strongly support our educational activities.

Additionally, ORPHEUS (,the sole authority in the field of biomedicine and health sciences in Europe, has visited the Graduate School and stated that they were ready to collaborate in order to support it to succeed.

Our currently active programs are listed below:

  • Health Institutions Management (without Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (with Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (without Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Reproductive Biology (without Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Reproductive Biology (with Thesis) (Turkish)

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